Radovan Valachovic

Radovan has created a huge array of technologies and tools at his disposal, and ensures the very best tools are used for the job. The coding used is ultra efficient and of higher quality than other sites in existence today. Radovan prides himself on this fact, and assures clients that the same dedication and intellect be applied to each and every venture.

A collaborative project with Rockstar Games co-founder and Greg Kadel (as well as several others) named Lone Signal came to fruition via crowdfunding in an effort to send continuous signals into space with the hope of reaching outer worldly life. And it’s a project that’s the very first of its kind and a monumental achievement. Through clever coding techniques Radovan has significantly raised the profile for Nancy Gonzalez (maker of precious hand bags), Everett Nautical Designs (specializing in boat transom painting), Street Style Lab (document and teach the origins of street culture while building the future of the movement), Elite Force Crew (group formed on the set of Michael Jackson’s choreography), Hunter Barnes (photographer who focuses his artistic gaze on the faces of proud groups of people who are consistently misrepresented in the modern American narrative), Epic Kites Kiteboarding, Blue Marble Space Project, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Jewellery boutique Buccellati projects so that they appear on the first page of the Google search results pages — a significant milestone for any organization. The array or work and markets serviced is staggering.

His drive for innovative solutions done properly takes dedication, and in order to provide the forefront of innovation, you simply have to do a lot of on the job learning. Radovan appreciates a great challenge, and seeks to employ interesting and unique solutions for each and every client. Python Force employs highly innovative and rich technological solutions into every project for a truly meaningful customer experience. The results are always overly impressive and continue to surpass delivery expectations.