Recent Projects at Everett Nauctical Desings.

Chantilly Air

Marine yacht coatings & aeronautical finish's are very similar. Almost anything we can apply to a boat could also be applied to your jet.

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"He turns million-dollar vessels into 3-D reflections of the owner's personality.”

Transoms. Tattoos. Sloops. Seascapes. Josh Everett doesn’t just do it all. He does it well. This is the boat that Josh built. This is the trailer — that Josh built — that holds the boat that Josh built, that sits under the house that Josh built. (Or rebuilt.)

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Spring Passage for True Love

Hey everybody, Joshua Everett here. Introducing my latest painting "Spring Passage for True Love". Here is a little back ground about the piece and how it came about. In 2003, after spending the winter months sailing in the Caribbean I was invited to be a delivery crew member aboard the S.Y. True Love, a John Alden Malabar VII sixty foot wooden schooner from St. Thomas to Annapolis.

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Callie Girl Faux Teak

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Gregarious Boat Transom

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Orion Boat Transom

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Everett Nautical and Python Force

Testing the website

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