About Joshua Everett

CEO, Founder & Artist

Joshua Everett

Originally from the mountains of Colorado, Josh Everett is the CEO and founder of Everett Nautical Designs. With thirty years experience as a commercial artist and craftsman, Josh began Everett Nautical in 2007 specializing in painted yacht transom names. Josh learned lettering and sign painting skills during his early years as a working artist. Having perfected the name design and application process through years of experimentation and error, Josh is a proven leader in the field.

Josh earned a BFA from Kutztown University, then worked for ten years as a commercial artist in Manhatten, New York. After 911, Josh relocated to the Outer Banks where he worked at Bayliss Boatworks for over a decade. At Bayliss, Josh quickly rose through the ranks from boat carpenter, to head of the exterior cabinet department within a year, then moved into AutoCAD and yacht design. With an initmate, hands-on knowledge of boat construction techniques and materials, Josh is able to apply the same types of carpentry fundamentals to the faux wood painting projects Everett Nautical undertakes on a regular basis. 

Spending most of his time near the ocean or around boat yards has become the muse of creative inspiration for Mr. Everett's work. Josh is never complacent, constantly learning new techniques and pushing the limits on what is capable for a name design or how to paint teak wood more realistically.

When Josh is not working (which is very rare) you can find him surfing, skiing or tinkering in his expansive woodshop at his Nags Head residence.