Joshua Everett

Josh Everett, creative gun for hire has twenty five years experience as a commercial artist & craftsman. Everett Nautical is a company started by Josh in 2007 specializing in painted yacht Transoms.

Everett Nautical's first work can be seen on Bayliss Boatworks Hull #9 the Bud Man, the company owes's a great debt of gratitude to John Bayliss for allowing the company it's humble beginnings. Since then Everett nautical has painted yachts from all over the east coast & beyond, built by the industries best. Some of these include Bayliss Boat Works, Spencer Yachts, Scarbourough Boat Works, Merritt, Jim Smith, Garlinton & Viking to name a few. Previous to starting Everett Nautical, Josh worked at Bayliss Boatworks for almost a decade as a boat builder and designer. Spending most of his time near the ocean or around boat yards it has become the lions share of inspiration for his creative work. Josh is continually learning new techniques & expanding the horizons of his trade & as a result has proven to be a leader in his field.