About Janelle Dolan


Janelle Dolan

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Janelle Dolan serves a decisive and fundamental role as field artist for Everett Nautical. Janelle, a member of the exclusive L.A. Union Set Painters Local 729, uses her years of practical experience from working as a scenic artist on major motion pictures for over a fifteen years in Hollywood. Janelle's day-to-day duties with Everett Nautical draw heavily upon her formative years of painting, lettering and blending colors on sets and locations for film and television at an extremely high level. 

A quick learner and diligent problem solver, Jallene brings a hard work ethic and an astute attention to detail on everything she is involved in with at Everett Nautical. Janelle wears a smile all day while executing the most critical of tasks that the Everett Nautical standard demands in order to complete each project at its' unparalleled grade of quality. 

Janelle lives with her husband and young daughter in Nags Head, North Carolina. Janelle and her family enjoy the close proximity to the beach and the outdoors as much as possible while not working.