Spring Passage for True Love

Hey everybody, Joshua Everett here. Introducing my latest painting "Spring Passage for True Love". Here is a little back ground about the piece and how it came about. In 2003, after spending the winter months sailing in the Caribbean I was invited to be a delivery crew member aboard the S.Y. True Love, a John Alden Malabar VII sixty foot wooden schooner from St. Thomas to Annapolis. If you ever saw the movie High Society with Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly you would have seen the True Love in that movie. It was originally launched under that name and has remained the same since it was built in the 1940's. This classic yacht now lives and sails on Lake Seneca in Upstate New York and is a show stopper. During the delivery I kept a very extensive photo journal and sketch book.

Eight years later I decided to use some of that resource material for my latest work. In recent years the focus of most of my work has been related to the ocean or coastal communities weather I it be building boats, designing for the sport fishing boat community or fine art painting. The delivery of the True Love was a special moment for me in my life and the work that resulted is some of my strongest, if not the strongest to date.

The Painting is 4'x6' Acrylic on canvas built on a deep stretcher frame. I have been playing with the use of different additives and agents designed for Acrylic that make the paints react and work more like oils, so aspects of the painting have the appearance of what you might find in an oil painting. The frame is hand crafted Mahogany made by me and finished with Danish Oil that is hand applied with a wet sanding technique down to a 3000 grit wet sand. I will deliver and hang the piece in person to whom ever the purchaser may be, upon request and with in reason. The frame is in progress and I will send updated photos when it has been installed. Due to the size of the work the piece is designed for a bigger space and I would say the best viewing distance is fourteen to twenty feet. It will work in a smaller room too, but won't have the same affect.
I welcome visits by appointment to my studio in Wanchese NC. to see the work in person. If you can't make it to the studio and would like a better look I can mail a 13x19 glossy photo of the work instead. At the end of the time of sale I will prepare the work for shipping and make arrangements for transport once I have received payment. If everything is done in a timely manor the piece could be hanging in it's new home by Thanksgiving.

If you know me in person or know my work I am confident that you understand the care and quality that goes into everything I do. Painting has always been, but is becoming a more import part of my life and seems to be the ultimate direction I am heading. That being said this is a unique opportunity to acquire a Monroe original that some day could have significant value, hopefully in this life time. Thanks again, happy bidding and enjoy.

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